It is not all about sales

E-mail recipients get stuff about sale offers in their in box all of the time. What you should try and do is build a relationship with your clients and prospective clients. If every time they receive an e-mail from you it is about a rate increase or a sale where they can save 10% then they eventually won’t open the e-mails. 10% is no big deal! Now if every time they get an e-mail from you they learn something new about how to use your product or get some other bit of information that they percieve has value then they will love getting your e-mails.

This the secret to effective e-mail communication. They gave you permission to put items in their inbox. It is up to you to make sure that what you put in that inbox has value…in their eyes. We can help you get to know your customer better and tailor your communication to WOW them. E-mail us at

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