Email Marketing

Social Media strategy from Kama MarketingAt Kama Marketing we have found that one of the best ways to build a relationship with a customer or potential customer is through e-mail marketings. We would never suggest spam. These are permission-based e-mails. The recipients have given their e-mail address and expected to receive some communication. More importantly, they are expecting to receive something of value in their inbox.

If you think about it…that is the key to a relationship. Feeling as though you get something of value most of the times that you interact with someone. You may be entertained or informed or presented with a gift but you got something out of it that you felt was “keepable”. We want you to send out e-mails that are well thought out, timely and offer something that the reader finds important.

It isn’t always about sales.

Sometimes our e-mail campaigns are just about keeping your name in front of previous or potential customers. People are not always able to buy something when you send out the e-mail. This is true especially for services like hotels, high end products and health care. But when they are ready to buy don’t you want to be fresh in their mind with a positive image of the last time you communicated with them?

Why we use Constant Contact

You could use any software that can send out e-mails. But with Constant Contact we keep all of our communications avaailble via the internet…”in the cloud” as they say these days. So no matter where I am I can send an e-mail to any of my lists. This came in handy once when Iwasn’t trying to promote something but actually telling people to stay away. One summer we had a hurricane and people were wondering if the business was open or not. I was able to log in from a home with power, connect to Constant Contact and communicate with the customers to let them know the status and how to find out more information. After the business was open again we got so many compliments on how nice it was that we stayed in touch and kept the customer updated. We built the relationship.

Another reason we use software specific for e-mail communication is that we can track the success. We can look at reports after each e-mail and see what e-mail addresses are bad, how many people opened the e-mails and even what links in the e-mail were clicked on and by how many people. This helps us know if we are building relationships or sending out junk. This helps us tailor our future messages to be better received by the recipients. Sometimes, this helps us know if something we thought was a big deal really is or not.

Lastly, the benefit of Constant Contact is cost. Especially when you compare it to traditional mail and postage. We can set you up to send as many e-mails as you like to up to 500 recipients for only $15.00 per month. Postage alone on 500 first class letters would be $200 and there is no tracking.

If you’re interested in how to get started we would be happy to discuss e-mail marketing with you.  Shoot us an e-mail and we’ll get going.

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