Each tool has a purpose

Just finished expanding a website for client that is growing her social media presence. العاب طاوله That is great but we often times need reminders that all tools don’t do the same job and all social media shouldn’t be used the same way.

We all want traffic to our website.  But if all of my Tweets, e-mails and Facebook posts say, “Hey come check out my blog!” then that is going to get tiring soon. موقع وان كارد   Each of these viewers can turn us off (unfriend, delete, unfollow) so we have to give them something of value each time we pop up in front of them.  The easiest way to do this is to remember that each social media tool has an audience that likes to use that tool. As we start to tie in all of your various “tools” (ie, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter) we need to make sure that each one is tailored to that audience. قوانين لعبة الدومينو   

I tend to break them down this way:

  • Twitter: Short snippets telling someone that something is going on now or something just got updated.
  • Pinterest: Visually interesting items.  Things that need pictures and can be collected in groups.  An idea book.
  • LinkedIn: Professional affiliations and achievements.
  • Facebook: Conversations with like-minded people.

 So if you have something with a superb picture to include in a post on your blog and it is another example of your tastes or expertise then go ahead and Pin It so it shows up on one of your boards.

Tweet about it but be specific.  Don’t just say check out my blog but if you’re a web designer say something like, “I just found the best free plug-in for WordPress. Link on the blog.”

Link it to Facebook but go ahead and say what you think makes it work.  You’ve got “friends” here so ask them for interaction, “Does anyone else have a great plug-in they use that gets this done?” Don’t forget that when you get comments and likes on Facebook it helps with your ranking within Facebook.

The main thing is that you’re not trying to “create activity” you’re trying to be “truly active”.  The bloggers and pinners that are truly successful have a following because they interact with their audience.  Their audience “gets them” and wants to know what they are finding.  The audience is “too busy” to go out and find this stuff so they are counting on their “experts” to find the treasures and post them. Make sure that your voice comes through.  Tell me why you took the time to post that on your blog. What made it interesting, different, unique, special?

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