Content drives search engine ranking

If you’re not following a lot of the changes with the search engines these days then you’re missing a great new direction. Gone are the days when you tried to “fool” the search engine into moving your page higher up the rankings (well, some are still trying to do that.) The search engines catch on really quickly to these loopholes and close them down.

Now the emphasis is right where it should be. Content. If you have fresh, regularly updated content that is focused on topic(s) that you claim to be the expert on then you are probably going to satisfy the searchers looking for your topic. The search engines (primarily Google) have finally realized this and, more importantly, found ways to measure and rank freshness. There goal is to deliver the best answer to the search question in the quickest way possible. (Yes, their real goal is to sell advertising but if they do the delivery right then more people come back and the advertisers come back too.)

If you don’t have time to keep your site current hire help. If you can’t write effectively then hire a copy writer, make changes and updates to your site every day. And not just on the home page or the blog page. Make sure that ALL of your site gets a little love regularly.  The search engines and your readers will appreciate it and come back more often.

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