“Build it and they will come” Doesn’t Work

Many people realize that that need to be “on the web.” They spend some time, hire someone that knows html and get their site up and running. And then……nothing. You have to direct people to your site. If you’re not using your web address as your e-mail address (Craig@kamamarketing.com) then you’re missing traffic. If you’re web site is not on your business card then your missing business. If you’re not sharing links with other businesses that you know you then you’re missing improving your rank on the search engines. If you aren’t linking to your website with all of your e-mail communication then you are making it difficult for readers to find their way to your site.

At Kama Marketing we can help you maximize these chances to get your visits to the web site increased. E-mail us today and we’ll take a look at your site and help you get more visits. E-mail us at info@kamamarketing.com.

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