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Are you relationship ready?

Relationships are hard work. And, unfortunately, they are two-way. Most of us guys have tried the one-sided approach. We thought I’ll only care about the things that make me happy and write off everything else. We aren’t known as the nurturers supporting our partner and thinking of them first. We’re more of the Janet Jackson, “What […]

New WordPress site for Kernersville Chiropractic

Kernersville Chiropractic was looking for a way to “modernize” their site and make it easier to keep current. They had prepaid for a hosting so they didn’t want to waste that money. After investigating their hosting package and their existing site we were able to create a site for a one-time cost that allowed them […]

Each tool has a purpose

Just finished expanding a website for client that is growing her social media presence. That is great but we often times need reminders that all tools don’t do the same job and all social media shouldn’t be used the same way. We all want traffic to our website.  But if all of my Tweets, e-mails […]

jo-ans papers Launches New Website

With years of experience helping South Florida find unique gifts, accessories and stationery jo-an’s papers is one of those stores that has a special feel and great customer service when you walk inside.  Unfortunately, their website didn’t feel the same.  Now they have launched a website where they can keep their customers current on the […]

Content drives search engine ranking

If you’re not following a lot of the changes with the search engines these days then you’re missing a great new direction. Gone are the days when you tried to “fool” the search engine into moving your page higher up the rankings (well, some are still trying to do that.) The search engines catch on […]

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