Internet Marketing

What are you looking for when you hire a web consultant?

There are many options and most designers are comfortable with all of the roles that are involved in succesfully internet marketing. (See our description of these roles in our “How to Use a Designer” post.)

At Kama Marketing we understand the business side of the Internet. With over 15 years of marketing experience and a sensitivity to creating customer-focused messages we do much more than “build a webpage”. We strategize with you on your goals and desires and then propose solutions that help you meet those goals. Many times those solutions may not be web-based…because the web is NOT the answer to all problems…and we recognize that.

We’ve successfully coordinated direct mail, collateral printing, e-mail, newsletters and web sites for various clients. Many are as simple as web sites that are “electronic brochures” because people follow-up with brands and businesses on the web…you have to be there. Other sites have been full e-commerce sites with Paypal connectivity. We’ve placed one client’s product on Amazon and took a DVD that had almost no sales to a regular income generator. Graphics and photo images are key to keeping today’s reader interested and we can help with these items as well.

If you’re ready to build a web strategy instead of a web site then e-mail us today. We would love to discuss your goals and help you build an Internet strategy that targets your customers with communication that gets to the point.

It’s All About Communication

The internet can be a confusing place. You can find vendors advertising on TV that say getting your website is as easy as 1+1. Yet when you try and personalize the site to meet some unique aspect of you business you find it is locked down. But we don’t want the technology to confuse you. First take a look at the audience you are trying to reach, then develop the message you want to deliver and, lastly, make sure your product will stand up to both of these. Once you have these things in place then we can help you develop the strategies to execute. It usually is not as easy as adding your information to a template. If your story and message can fit into the same template as your competiton’s then you may not have the advantage you need to surpass your competition.

A Little About Me

I took my journalism degree from the University of South Carolina (emphasis on advertising/public relations) and ventured into the world of hospital/heathcare marketing. It was a field I was intriqued by and interested in as my mother had worked in PR in Hospital Association work. Always interested in technology I began freelance desktop publishing in 1987 and always kept on the leading edge of computer publishing and the growth of the internet. While working for a large public hospital system I managed public relations and marketing for a 744 bed hospital. From there I moved into the IT world and recreated the systems internet site, created their first intranet presence and developed a physician portal for physicians to access information.

Since 2003 I’ve been on my own creating websites, e-mail communication and printed collateral for a number of small businesses. I took the name Kama Marketing from my martial arts background (a kama is a small sickle shaped weapon used in the martial arts). Today, I’ve relocated my business to the family farm that my great-grandfather started as a way for my wife and I to enjoy not only what we do but where we do it.

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